We’re fortunate to live in one of the world’s most historic, vibrant, lively cities. The downside is our elevation below sea level and the more intense rain events that we are experiencing due to climate change means that we flood. But together, through getting involved and simple steps at home, we can get on top of this for good.

Because when New Orleans needs it most, we always rise above.

Every Drop Makes a Difference is an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, the City of New Orleans and the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans to partner with residents on managing water in our neighborhoods. It is a forum for shared ideas, tools, and resources to help us prepare for a brighter, drier future.


Everybody knows the Crescent City is shaped more like a bowl (we’re below sea level), and when it rains, it holds the water. Because there’s so much concrete, that water can’t go down into the ground. Instead, it flows to the drainage system where it’s pumped out.

Based on data, we are seeing more intense rainstorms in our region. Did you know that during heavy rain, literally billions of gallons of water can dump on our neighborhoods? That’s right…billions…as in five Superdomes full of water during a single storm! And science says it’s going to rain more and more. All that rainwater has to go somewhere, and when the pumps can’t keep up, it floods.

Simply put, in addition to pumping, we have to better manage water and where it goes.
And Every Drop Makes a Difference.



The problems with our drainage infrastructure have been generations in the making. But now, the Sewerage and Water Board is turning the tide. In fact, it is doing more right now to improve drainage than it has in decades. It’s taking an innovative, holistic approach to water management, working with community organizations, neighborhood groups, and residents to implement large and small scale solutions.

Public projects across the city are spearheading our water mitigation efforts and making visible inroads on a number of fronts while community projects are addressing our city’s stormwater management challenges from the grassroots level up.

Local nonprofits are partnering with residents and businesses to turn urban water challenges into urban water solutions. Some of these non-profits are supported through the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Environmental Fund and Disaster Response and Restoration Fund, including those below. Other non-profits and companies involved in this work can be found in the Resources Page.
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